Father’s Day Feast

After church today, Amanda let me choose the eatery of my choice for lunch. As if there was a question. Qdoba! You gotta love a five pound burrito!!!

Hard to believe Father’s Day is not just the day I remember my dad, but is now the day my girls remember me. Crazy. It’s a reminder for me of just how far I have to go to truly wear the mantle well. I pray that I am the kind of father that makes a lasting impact on my girls, the kind that points them to their heavenly Father.

So today, happy Father’s Day to my dad, and all the dads out there. Here’s to our stepping up and being men in a world that wants to emasculate us. Here’s to carrying the mantle of a father that loves God, loves his wife, and loves his kids. A real dad. Like the one I had. Like the one I pray to one day be.

By the way, this is my vegetarian burrito with queso, black beans, guacamole, pico, and lettuce. And yes, it was amazing.

2 thoughts on “Father’s Day Feast

  1. Mattie,

    Welcome to WordPress world! I LOVE the site. And happy late Father’s Day. I hope you are always this passionate about being a dad. God give us more men of conviction like you, my friend.


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