What Do They See?

I read this tonight in Psalm 119:

“Those who fear you shall see me and rejoice, because I have hoped in your word.”. (vs. 74)

Question: when was the last time the church, the people of God, rejoiced due to the testimony that you are living out each day? Is the church rejoicing because of how the gospel is being lived out in you? Are they rejoicing as they see you cling to the Word in struggles? Are they rejoicing as they see you dying daily to sin, and becoming more like Christ? Do the people of God look at your life and go “Man! That bro (or sis) is livin out the Word!”

Everthing we do and say is a testimony to God’s place and power in our lives. What is your life saying? Remember this: what you are enduring right now may very well be so that someone else can see how you cling to the Word and to Christ, so that they can be encouraged. We are not Christians in a vacuum. Our lives are entertwined with the church, and we share these things in community together.

So let’s give them something to rejoice in!

One thought on “What Do They See?

  1. My response is one of conviction. I know that there are numerous times when I set a poor example. It is probably one of the areas I need to work on the most.


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