More Lessons from Children

Today, I had another “ah-ha” moment with Caroline. We are out in Oklahoma at my sisters place. It’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon. The kind of day that you just feel blessed to be alive: sunny evening, cool breeze, and my daughter playing on the trampoline with two of my nephews (who, though teenagers, are being so cool to her).

So on to our lesson. Caroline, in her sweetest of southern voices, says to me “Daddy, you go get me a drink? I thirsty.”. It wasn’t a command, just a sweet request that I was happy to fulfill. So I go and bring her the drink, and proceed to sit on the edge of the trampoline.

Her response?

“Daddy! Get off!!”

Need I even go into the symbolism that struck me afte that? Ok. I will.

How often do I ask God for this or that blessing or request, and then see Him come through and fulfill it, only to have me tell Him “I got this…You can split now.”. How many times do we want Him only when we have an urgent need or request, or are in trouble?

We want convenience, but He longs for relationship. Just like Caroline and me. The coolest thing is that He knows we are going to do it, and still works for our good. How amazing is that? Do we do the same? As fathers and mothers, do we not give unconditionally, loving our kids even when we k ow they don’t appreciate it? If not, we should be.

And next time you feel slighted by your youngsters, remember: we do it to our Father, too.

One thought on “More Lessons from Children

  1. Very true message, bro! We do take God for granted way too often. We request. He fulfills. We fail to reciprocate with a thank you or obedience. Glad you guys are having a good time.


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