Are We Missing It?

I attend a church that would be classified as “contemporary” by “churchy” standards.  We meet in an office park-turned mega church.  There is no steeple and no stained glass.  Our pastor wears jeans often times, and I regularly play guitar in sandals.  I’ve been accused of being at least somewhat metrosexual.  I’ve been a part of “modern worship” for close to 15 years now.

There are many aspects of it that I love.  First of all, there is a freedom to worship at our church, and in many modern churches, that I truly believe pleases God.  Just as David became undignified before the Lord, I think a little loss of dignity is needed for many churchgoers today.  I mean that too many of us are more concerned with what the guy in seat 23 thinks of us than what God in heaven above thinks.

I also believe that there’s nothing wrong with songs that fit the day and age, as long as they are good songs.  By that I mean they are theologically sound and not just trite little love songs that happen to say “Jesus” instead of “baby.”  And believe me, there are plenty of those out there.  If you’re unsure, just turn on most Christian radio stations and wait a sec.

But here’s the thing:  if someone from the first, second, third, or even 18th century church walked through the doors of my church, would they find anything that remotely resembles what they did?  Call it liturgy.  Call it tradition.  Call it old school, whatever.  My fear is that the modern Protestant church has thrown the baby out with the bathwater.  We have become so hung up on being “relevant” that we have no roots.

Think about these things:  how does your church approach the Lord’s Supper?  How often?  With what degree of solemnity and sincerity?  What about baptisms?  What about discipleship?  What about conversion?  Folks, does your church in any way shape or form have any ties to the historical church?  I’m worried that, in our effort to be cool, we’ve forgotten our foundation.  I’m afraid we’re missing it.  I’m afraid we’ve lost some of the ties that bind us all together.

I have these thoughts on the tip of my brain right now, but can’t quite flush them out.  More to follow…

3 thoughts on “Are We Missing It?

  1. I’m with you bro…. There has to be some balance that can be achieved in worship. We can’t totally lose the teachings and emphases of the past.


  2. What I think about sometimes is how casually we approach God’s house. Maybe more reverence is in order when we come into the “sanctuary”, whether it’s stained glass like mine or a store front like yours.

    Just some thoughts from the shallow end of the pool….


  3. let us not forget where the true temple is.also we cannot let tradition be our roots,the tradition of men that is.i have known “churches to preach from pre-planned lessons recieved in the mail.this was a tradition for 30 years, and one hard to break, yet after a lot of prayer the bible was preached from, giving the Holy Spirit the long as the church does things in line with the word of God,tradition always takes a back seat.


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