A (Belated) New Year’s Greeting

Yeah, I know the New Year is already three days old, but give me a break.  I’ve been…well…for once, I can’t say it’s because I’ve been busy.  I started the year out taking something that I hope will not be as rare in ’10 as it has been in previous years:  a sabbath.  And by sabbath, I mean a day of rest folks.  Amanda, the girls, and I spent Friday together, doing absolutely nothing that had to be done.  It was glorious.  I felt more rested after that day that I have in a long while.  Amanda said she felt lazy.  I said that we got to enjoy a rare jewel.

I thought about posting a long list of resolutions, but, you know how that goes.  What’s the point?  So instead, I thought I’d post a few of my hopes for the coming year.  Here it goes:

  • To be a much better husband to my lovely wife that I’ve ever been before.  To continue becoming the man of God she’s always deserved, but not received.
  • To make sure to love on, tickle, cuddle with, and play with my kids each and every moment I can, because they’re growing up so dang fast.
  • To do my best to model the Father’s love to my kids
  • To actually finish reading through the “Bible in a Year” plan.  Day three, and all is good!
  • To be a better son, brother, and uncle this year.  The past few have pretty much not been great for that.
  • To be a better friend.  See previous bullet.
  • To be a better teacher.
  • To laugh more, smile even more, and enjoy the blessings God pours out on this undeserving soul

I begin the year hopeful.  I begin the year excited.  I begin the year, as we all do perhaps, looking forward to what lies ahead.  As Paul said, I’ll keep pressing forward toward the prize that awaits me in Christ.  I pray you’ll do the same.  I pray this year brings untold blessings your way, friends.  God bless.

3 thoughts on “A (Belated) New Year’s Greeting

  1. Hey man…I cant speak to the rest of your resolutions, but you are off to a great start on the one about being a better friend. I really appreciate your encouragement about playing with the worship team. It always means a ton to me…
    Ha! Not that you were a bad friend before (lol), but I wanted to let you know that you are appreciated.


  2. I agree with Ted. You’re a great dad, brother and son.

    Although I shouldn’t tell you because you’ll get the big head. 🙂


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