Could I Be Job? Could You?

In the reading plan I’m on for the Bible this year (in my attempt to actually read through it in a year!), I started the book of Job today.  The story is old (some say the oldest in the Bible), but, as is usually the case with the Bible, each time I read it, I’m amazed anew.  Today, as I was reading through the beginning of Job, I had the thought that I’m sure everyone that’s read the book has:  could I be Job?

If God gave Satan enough leash (and I love the image we get in Job of Satan only being allowed to do what God permits; God is SOVEREIGN) to take down my livelihood, would I still praise God?  If Satan destroyed all that I own, would it be said of me “in all things, Matt didn’t sin and charge God with wrong”?  Food for thought:  how many times do I freak out when I feel like I’ve been cheated out of something I deserve?  Hmmmm….

If God gave Satan enough leash to destroy that which is most dear to me, would I rise up and call God blessed?  If Satan was allowed to take my girls from me, would it be said “in all this, Matt did not sin and charge God with wrong”?  Hmmmmm…do I praise God even when my kids are sick?  Do I trust Him with their care, or do I doubt?

If God gave Satan the leash to smack me with ulcers and boils, would I simply sit in the dust and scape my sores?  If my health was taken from me, after I’d lost everything, would I simply shut my mouth and sit?  Or would I rage at the heavens and curse God?  Job didn’t.

Can you imagine?  Can you fathom such loss?  It’s hard for me to comprehend.

But think of this:  God allowed it to happen because He KNEW Job was capable of taking it.  He KNEW Job would stand, no matter what Satan threw at him.  So, if you’re going through the wringer, if you’re being attacked on every side and, like Job, you know you’ve done no wrong to deserve it (important point!!!), remember Who holds the leash.  And think of God saying, “Hey Satan…have you considered my servant (insert your name here)?”

2 thoughts on “Could I Be Job? Could You?

  1. You are on a roll. Job was a unique character whose full message has a lot to share with us. I am afraid of how I would respond under such adversity. Glad to be on this Bible reading journey with you..


  2. I will confess that I DO NOT respond to adversity with a Job like attitude or with the recoginition that God has His hand in everything in my life.

    Thanks for the reminder….


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