Who Am I that I Should Go?

I just started reading through Exodus, and the old, old story never fails to come to life anew.  God’s promise of redemption, seemingly stalled out in the sands of Egypt, is resuscitated in the call of an unlikely hero:  Moses, the Hebrew-turned Egyptian-turned exile.

In reading the account of God’s calling of Moses at the burning bush (which is definitely one of the top 5 of my “wish I’d been a fly-on-the-wall” Bible events), I was struck, yet again, by Moses’ reluctance to answer the call.  He’s standing before the God of the universe, watching a bush burn, yet not be consumed, and being told what do do by a voice he can’t see the source of, yet he doubts the command he’s given.

“Who am I that I should go?”

“They will not believe me or listen to my voice!”

“I’m not eloquent (or qualified)!”

“Please send someone else!”

Can you sympathize with Moses here? I know I can.  God can show up, work powerfully in a situation (or situations!), show me a clear path to walk, and what do I do?  I doubt it.  I come up with excuses.  I think, in my hubris, that I know better.  God shows me again just how He’s going to work it out, tells me to trust Him, and what do I do?  Doubt some more.

The bottom line is:  we’re all totally incapable of anything.  On our own.  Apart from Christ, I can do NOTHING.  But with God, NOTHING is impossible.  So next time you’re thinking of arguing with God about what He wants you to do, remember Moses.

And go!

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