The Darkness Before the Dawn

There’s an old saying that it’s always darkest just before the dawn, and it was never more true than on this night.  Can you imagine what the disciples of Jesus were going through on this night, nearly 2,000 years ago?  Do you think any of them remembered Jesus’ words that He would be three days in the earth, just like Jonah in the whale?  I doubt it.  I imagine they felt about as hopeless as anyone ever has.  Their Hope, their Lord, they’d seen experience a horrifying death.  No doubt they saw the stone rolled in front of the tomb, a very final reminder that it was over.  And no doubt, they thought they were next.  Fear was definitely a factor that night, as they were locked behind closed doors.  Yeah, I figure that night was about as dark a night as you could ever experience for them.

But dawn was coming.  The darkness would not prevail forever.  The Light of the World would not be snuffed out.  Dawn is coming!

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