Ode to Mom

Do we ever really give moms enough credit?  No.  Not nearly.  This one measly day, once a year, is far from adequate to thank our moms for what they’ve done for us.  I know I need to do a far better job at it.  But on this day, we take time out to honor them specifically.

I think back to the sacrifices that my mom made raising 5 kids.  She gave up a “paying” job in order to stay home and take care of us.  She didn’t pursue her degree until all but one of us (me) were left at home.  She encouraged all of us to take piano lessons, but didn’t try her hand at the ivories until we were all moved out.  And she gave up hours upon hours of her time in order to take us to T-ball, Soccer, band, lessons, etc.

But the greatest thing my mom, any mom, could give her kids is found in the following verse:

“But the mercy of the Lord is from everlasting to everlasting on those who fear Him, and His righteousness to children’s children.”  Psalm 103:17, ESV

My mom taught us to know, love, and fear the Lord.  She took us to church on Wednesday nights, every week, when my dad was out of town for work.  Without fail.  Five kids.  Why?  Because it mattered to her that we grow up knowing what really matters most.  Her relationship with the Lord was not a hidden thing from us.  I always remember her Bible either in the kitchen or by her chair in the living room.  She didn’t preach at us.  She lived at us.  Her walk with Christ shown through in her actions with us and everyone she came in contact with.

As a parent now, I look back and I realize just how vital her walk with Christ (and my dad’s walk, but Father’s day is next month!) was in my coming to know the Lord.  I firmly believe that God was merciful to me based, in part at least, on the prayers of my parents, and grandparents.  Their fear of the Lord translated into prayers for me and my siblings, and I don’t make light of that.  What a blessing!

I am so very thankful for my mom and the love that she has for me.  I’m so very thankful that she came to know the Lord long before I was around, and she lived that out in front of me.  She taught me to know and fear the Lord.  So thanks mom!  Words can’t say how much you mean to us all!  Happy Mother’s Day!

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