Blind Spots

Blind spots.  Everybody has them.  And I’m not talking about when you’re driving.  I’m talking about in your everyday life.  You might think you don’t have them, you might think you know yourself too well, but you have them.

What do I mean?  Well,by definition, a blind spot is “an area where a person’s view is obstructed”.  Hmmm….it’s an area where we think we can see, but we can’t.  It’s an area that looks like it’s clear, but it’s not.  Usually, it takes someone else to point them out to us because, duh…we can’t see them on our own.  And when we finally do see them, it’s not pretty.  And like areas on a car when we’re driving, they are extremely dangerous if you’re not aware of them.

What am I talking about?  I’m talking about areas of sin in your life that you either don’t realize you’re committing, or don’t realize they’re a sin.    So it’s not the thing you know you struggle with, whatever that might be.  No, it’s probably something you think is not there.  But it is.  And if you don’t recognize it, you’re an accident waiting to happen.

God has certainly been dealing with me and my blind spots lately.  How about you?    Not sure what your’s are?  Ask your wife, husband, best friend, co-worker.  They’ll probably see them a lot clearer than you.  I thank God for the ones that have helped me see mine.

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