On the Verge

For most of our lives, life-changing days come sporadically and unexpectedly.  Looking forward in time, they’re almost impossible to predict.  Looking back, they’re impossible to ignore.  I’m sure we can all list our share.

The less common, in my life at least, are the life-changing days that you know are coming.  The ones you actually get to plan for.  And tonight, my family sits on the verge of one of those.  Tomorrow, one way or another, we go from a family of 4 to a family of 5.  Tomorrow, dad will not be the lone source of testosterone in the house any more.  Tomorrow, my son will be born.

There is a hint of concern over here, as my little man seems to like doing hand stands and flips, and at Amanda’s last appointment, he was not the direction they want him to be. This happened at 37 weeks, and he flipped back.  Our prayer is that he’ll do the same tomorrow.  If not, a c-section is the route, I guess.  If he flips, they’ll go ahead and induce labor and we wait.  Either way, Silas should arrive tomorrow.

So as we spend our last night just me and the girls, it got a little dusty around here.  Mom, of course, is an emotional wreck, as to be expected at 41 weeks of a very crazy pregnancy.  I’m recovering from a fierce (as fierce as we men fight sickness) battle with strep throat that included me acting weird enough in my fevered state that Amanda was ready to admit me, so I’m all over the place.  The girls think we’re both crazy.

But it is weird, you know?  This is a BIG change.  A new baby in the house.  A BOY in the house!  Three kids to keep an eye on and care for.  Three little lives to shape and mold, praying that you get it right, praying that you don’t waste a second.

I think as we prayed tonight, that last one is what got us.  When I picked up Caroline, my oldest, and had to carry her two armed up the steps to bed, I found myself feeling like she should be the one sleeping in a crib.  Instead, she’s closer to 6 than 5, and now is the eldest of three.  Whew.   And her sister is coming up fast and furious behind her.  She left me laughing as she talked my ear off when I put her to bed.  Should she be talking this much?  Yeah…time flies.

So tomorrow, a new page in the life of the Tree Newt begins.  I’m excited  beyond measure (and yes, Ted,  I’m thinking of the end of Shawshank too, but that’s your line).  I have been resting in the truth that God’s ways are so often not our ways, and doing my best to lay my cares at His feet.  As I’ve said so often, He has more than proven Himself faithful in our lives, so in Him I will place my trust.

(The pic is courtesy of our good friends at Urban Fields Photography)


2 thoughts on “On the Verge

  1. What a blessing! Many prayers for you all Matt! I can only imagine as the past 5 months have flown! It seems like just yesterday you were visiting us in the hospital to pray over Noah.


  2. Thanks for letting me keep it, Mattie. 😉 Thinking about you guys and I’ll say a prayer for Mom and little Silas tomorrow. You do realize that this is a sign, right? This kid is gonna be WIDE OPEN. And I’m gonna laugh my head off. 🙂

    Feel better and try not to freak out too much. It’ll all be OK.


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