Where Are You?


I had a “look back at 2012” blog in the queue, all ready to go.  For some reason, I kept waiting on it.  I guess that was par for the course for 2012, as I only posted 19 times.  Man, I’m really burning up the blogosphere!  But this morning, I hit a bunny trail, and figured I’d head that way instead.

Like many of you, no doubt, I began a new reading plan in the Bible today (if you haven’t, or don’t know where to begin, check out YouVersion and pick one!), and like many of you, it started me out in the book of beginnings, Genesis.

The familiar story that, each time I read it, it’s like reading it for the first time.  Today, as I read the amazing account of the Creator speaking the universe into existence, then stooping down to breathe life into the lump of clay that became Man, I was reminded anew of how all my life, everything I am and have, is from Him.  All the blessings, and even the trials, they come from the Master’s hand…every year, every day, every second…they’re His and are just gifts to me.

And after the Creation comes the Fall…the tragedy…the entrance of death and darkness and cold and pain…of knowing you had it all and lost it.  And then comes the question that God asks each and every one of us, if we’ll listen, every moment of every day:

“Where are you?”

Oh, He hasn’t lost us.  He’s asking us if we’ve lost Him.  Where are our eyes?  Our hearts? What do your thoughts, intents, resolutions reveal about where you are? About where I am?

As I begin this year, instead of resolving to get in shape (yeah, yeah…talk to me in February), or to finally read that book, or to take up a hobby, or whatever…how about resolving to “delight yourself in the Lord?” How about resolving to focus on the One Thing that truly matters?

Where are you?

Are you beginning this year far away from the One that gave His life that you might find yours? Are you closer to Him than you were at this point in 2012? Or have you slipped backwards (as my pastor says, you can’t stand still! You’re either going towards Him, or your falling behind)?

Where are you?

I don’t know of a better question to ask ourselves as we begin 2013.

One thought on “Where Are You?

  1. You’re right; we look at all other aspects of our lives (family, career, health, weight, etc.) but what we most need to examine is where are we in terms of our relationship with God. Challenging word, Matt.


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