Life Lessons at the Crack of Dawn

IMG_3213My kids have the strangest sense of a new day dawning.  When I have to get up early, they sleep until 10:00.  When I get a chance to sleep in, they’re up with the chickens.  And when they’re up, they are full-throtle.

This morning, I was roused from a deep sleep by the sound of tiny feet bounding up the stairs (which I was vaguely aware of) followed by a slap on my back (which I was very much aware of) and the exclamation, “Dad!  The basil is growing!  The basil is growing!”

Huh? Oh, yeah…they basil.  As in the tiny seedlings we planted a few weeks ago which are beginning to sprout.  They are fascinated with the incremental changes in these little green wonders.  So I couldn’t be mad.  I just smiled and said “that’s what they do, kiddo.”  Or something to that effect…it probably was more like “blllaaaahhhh  meeedddd  huhhhh?”  But hey, I was tired.

But after I got out of bed and began my day, the excitement and joy in my kids really blessed me.  As I took a shower, it was like God said, “And why aren’t you that excited to talk to me each day?” Ouch.

Jesus said, “Assuredly, I say to you, unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven.”  Matt. 18:3

I’ve heard it a thousand times, but today, it struck me anew.

  • My kids have no sense of when it is or is not appropriate to tell me anything.  No matter what is going on, they are going to come and talk to me, and they know they can.  If I can’t talk that second, I’ll ask them to hold on, but they know they can come to me anytime, anywhere.  Do we feel that way with God?  Isn’t that why the veil was torn in two?
  • My kids will share anything with me, from the toy they want for Christmas to the picture they’re drawing, to their wonder at the tiny sprout of a seedling.  Do we rejoice in all we’ve been given, all we get to experience everyday?  The sheer wonder of life?  Jesus said to cast all our cares on Him, but is that all we take to Him?
  • My kids are joyful about pretty much everything they tell me.  There is an excitement in their eyes about the simplest things, be it a new shirt to wear, a new thing they’ve learned, or, again, a new bud on a plant.  Are you joyful?  Do you realize how much you have to be joyful about?  Are you breathing?  Can you see?  Open your eyes and be thankful!
  • My kids just want to spend time with their dad and share life with me.  Last night, my girls curled up on the couch with me (I must leave room on each side for them) to watch “How It’s Made.”  And that simple half hour, marveling at the making of something goofy, was awesome.  Why? We were together.  Do you long to spend time with the Lord?  To just be with Him?  Do you want to?

So, for what it’s worth, those are some lessons my kids taught me this morning as the sun came up.

2 thoughts on “Life Lessons at the Crack of Dawn

  1. Love those sweet kids. 🙂

    When Jared was little I would become exasperated over having to tell him not to do something over and over. Then it was like God tapped me on the shoulder and reminded me that HE forgives me over and over.

    I think the Lord really uses parenting to show us more about HIS love.


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