Happy Birthday and Answered Prayers


My middle child, my baby girl, turned six today. It simply doesn’t seem possible. Time, it seems, does not heed my requests to slow down. Time, as they say, waits for no man.

This girl has been a tremendous blessing to our family. She is truly an “old soul” in her little six year old “earth suit.” She’s been through a lot already, for a little one, and I think that definitely had an impact in her “old soul-ness.” But it’s more than that…

My wife was going through her journal of her pregnancy with my daughter, and reading me some of the things she wrote during that time. One of her prayers was for our little girl to have a heart tender towards the things of God, that she would love the Lord and serve Him, that she would have a sweet spirit about her, and would live her life for Him.

And anyone that know’s our little girl knows those prayers were answered. In spades. This kid brings a smile to pretty much everyone she meets. She’s funny, sweet, caring…and then she’ll look at you and ask some of the deepest questions you can imagine. Some of our daddy-daughter rides home at night end up in some pretty deep discussions…and I couldn’t be happier.

I know we prayed the same for our other two kids, and I know God heard and answered those prayers as well. I know He has a plan for each of our kids, and a purpose in their personalities and inclinations.

But I also know that, for whatever reason, He planted these things in my little girl’s heart at an early age, and is already bringing fruit out of them. She asked Jesus to save her last year, and I had the absolute joy of baptizing her (and being baptized with her!) this year.  I wouldn’t have done that if I didn’t see the fruit of the Holy Spirit in her life. Love, joy, peace…yeah, and then some!


So happy birthday little girl! Your dad loves you, and is so proud of you! I can’t wait to see what God has in store for you!

One thought on “Happy Birthday and Answered Prayers

  1. Little Hannie is a precious girl, and brings joy to everyone who knows her! God could not have answered Amanda’s prayers any more perfectly. That picture of her being baptized…oh my. LOVE.


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