Change is never easy.  Most of us have at least some kind of problem with change.  But me?  I’m the kind of guy that likes things to stay the same, as much as possible.  I eat the same breakfast pretty much every day, I eat at the same couple of places for lunch every day,  I like routine and I like familiarity, and I’m a homebody.  So let’s just say that when God started to show my wife and I that the times, they are a-changin’, well…it came as quite a shock.

Lord, You’re calling us to what?!!  Leave our home?  Our church family?  My job? Our friends?  Our family?  Just up and go…somewhere?

You can understand how that would lend itself to a lot of sleepless nights, I’m sure.  And it did.  But over the course of the past year, through His Word, through prayer, through conversations, the Lord has revealed that He is, in fact, calling us out of our comfort zone and into the unknown.  He has revealed it so clearly that for us not to follow through is most definitely disobedience.  And as much as I like familiarity, I’ve been down the road of disobedience too many times to want to go there again.

My amazing wife has (finally, I might add) agreed to guest-post here at the Wading Pool about this journey.  She and I will be sharing how God has brought us to this point, and we’ll keep you updated with the goings-on of the story as it continues to unfold.  I’m so thankful to have Amanda by my side as we begin this next phase of our lives.

We were talking last night about how there is quite literally a blank slate before us!  That’s a pretty incredible (and scary) thought!  And while we don’t yet know where God is calling us physically, we know that the goal is the same:  to know Him more, to be drawn closer to Jesus, to be made like Him.  “For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To Him be glory forever. Amen.” (Romans 11:36)

Over the last year, the Word of God has come alive to us in such a powerful way.  I liken it to drinking out of a fire hydrant…you just hold on and try to take it all in!  Even as I write, it’s hard for me to express just how amazing this time has been for us as the Lord has drawn us closer to Him in the midst of it all.  No matter where He leads us, the blessing of this time has been immeasurable.

A couple weeks ago, we took our kids to the State Fair (a yearly must for our crew).  At one point, I found myself holding my son while we watched the girls, all 3 of them, ride the BIG swings.  As the ride wound up, sped up, and raised up, I saw their faces go from exhilarated to terrified, then back and forth as the ride went on.

That’s a pretty good example of how I feel right now…exhilarated and terrified.  But I know the One Who has called us…and I know He’s good.  That old quote from C.S. Lewis’ “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” comes to mind:  “Safe?  Who said anything about safe?  But he is good, and he’s the king.”

So here we go!  We appreciate your prayers as we continue to seek God’s leading for us.  The house is going up for sale next week, and from there…only the Lord knows!

And this guy, how is so averse to change…well, he’s kinda excited about it all!

9 thoughts on “Changes

  1. And how can you argue with a leading that clear. Looking foward to hearing more from Mrs. Newt as you start this wonderful journey. I’m so glad to have a ticket to the story in the cheap seats. 🙂


  2. You will be continually be in my prayers as you step out in faith. Regardless of where the Lord leads you, you will never look back in regret. God delights to show Himself strong to those who trust in Him…”Behold, the eye of the LORD is on those who fear Him, on those who hope in His mercy” Ps. 33:18.
    I’m so excited for you as you begin your new adventure!!


    1. Ms. Deb, I can’t tell you how thankful we are for the Rudds, and for the blessing you’ve all been to us. Seeing what God has done in you has been HUGE in our lives. Thank you for everything!


  3. Amazed and humbled by what the Lord is doing in and through you guys. I saw the stirring for the past months, not knowing what was going on, but praying earnestly for wisdom, for clarity, for strength, for guidance, and for protection for you and your wonderful bride. These are the prayers I continue to pray for you. With a tear in my eye, I wish you ALL THE BEST, but knowing the Lord is with you and leading you, my wish is guaranteed. I am with Andy, cheering you on from the cheap seats, anxiously watching this all unfold in God’s Beautiful Plan for your lives.


    1. Bro, it’s been wonderful serving alongside you the past few years. You have truly been a blessing to me, and kept me straight on so many logistical things, not to mention gum! Love ya bro! Thankful for all the time we’ve had! Now keep doing what you do!


  4. Awesome story Matt. Always praying for you and your family. We all are so blessed to have known you and worshipped God alongside you for all these years. Continue to follow him and he will bless you and use you wherever you are.


  5. Matt,
    You’re a special man who I have known and observed for 12 years. I have seen you grow and mature as one called by Christ and I know that He will guide you and your family right where He wants you to serve. There’s no such thing as a comfort zone when you’re called, at least not until He calls you home. We are rooting and cheering for you and your family and we know He will direct your path. “All” things work together for good……….., dear brother.


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