Two Years

Recently, social media has been filled with the “10-year change” picture craze. The idea was to post a pic from 10 years ago, and one from today and show everyone how you’ve aged…errrrr….changed. No pics shall be forthcoming, but I guarantee you I changed more in the last two years than the previous ten, both … More Two Years

Twenty Years

This one is for my wife How in the world can that be right? 20 years??? It seems like just a short time ago we were arguing over where we’d get married! A quick note for all you soon-to-be-married couples: make sure your church has a center aisle so the groom can see the bride … More Twenty Years

Fresh Cut

(That’s my boy getting his ‘do busted a while ago…but his expression was too good not to share) I was looking shaggy. Way too shaggy for my liking. Funny that my dad used to have to beg me to cut my hair and now I can’t get it short enough. My usual spot was closed, … More Fresh Cut

Going Dark

I’m going dark. Getting off social media. I’m not going to go on a rant on why you should follow suit, so don’t worry. I just know it’s not good for me right now. I don’t like what it’s doing to me. I can’t take a walk and enjoy the scenery without thinking of how … More Going Dark