I Cried

(This was something I wrote a few months ago but kept coming back to.  And while I hesitate to share things sometimes, although that may be hard to believe, I think this might be of help to some of you who read the blog)  The other morning, on my way to work, I cried. Tears … More I Cried


Winter in the Midwest can be brutal. Bitter cold goes right to your bones, driven down the plains by winds that howl and moan. We’re in the southern portion of America’s flatland, so the winters don’t linger as long as further north, but sometimes it seems like spring will never come. But eventually, every year, … More Seasons

In Need of Sharpening

(Wader’s note:  I can’t believe it’s been two months since I blogged.  Seriously considering shutting this thing down, because I just am not taking the time to update, so what’s the point?  Life is at a fever pitch right now, which is awesome, and this thing takes a very distant back-seat to everything else on … More In Need of Sharpening