Advent Realities

A few weeks ago I wrote with great hopefulness of entering into this season of Advent and avoiding the rush, the hectic-ness, all the crazy. I wrote as one with high hopes of quiet mornings spent in the glow of our Christmas tree, sipping coffee and considering the mysteries of the Incarnation. Three weeks in, … More Advent Realities

Watching and Waiting

We binge watch our Netflix shows, and get mad that Disney Plus doesn’t release all their new episodes at once. We want it now! We are all rushing through each day, each experience. All. The. Time. We run from one event to another, one season to another, one thought to another, seldom slowing down to even consider what is going on around us or, more importantly, within us. … More Watching and Waiting


For the last few days, when the number of days until Christmas was small enough for her to keep up with, my youngest daughter has woken me up each day like this: “Dad…dad!!  (shaking my arm)…DAD!!!  It’s only (insert number here) more sleeps until CHRISTMAS!!!” Normally, I’m not a fan of the early wake-up, but in … More Waiting…


I’m spending the week at Disney with my girls, thanks to my amazing in-laws. It’s been crazy, to say the least. Let me just warn you if you’re planning a trip: the week before Christmas is NOT a good time if you don’t like crowds! And for those of you that know me, you know … More Shadows