Henry Mathias Dalton.  The Reverend H.M. Dalton. Mac.  Daddy.  He had many names. Which one you used depended on how you knew him. I just called him Papa. He was born at the start of the 20th century, in 1911.   His mother died in 1922, after which he and his 7 siblings were shuffled … More Papa

The Craftsman

My grandfather, Taft Rakes, was a woodworker. No, that’s doesn’t come close to doing him justice. He was a craftsman. He could take beautiful, raw pieces of cherry and pine and oak and create pure art. My mom’s house is dotted with the work of his hands: an incredible dining room table, 8 ladderback rush-seated … More The Craftsman

Parenting: The Stuff Nobody Warned You About

I think every parent has had one of those moments when you stop and go, “Why didn’t somebody warn me about this?”  I know I have them.  Sometimes they’re the “how can that much of that come out of one kid?!” moments.  Other times, they’re the “I didn’t realize that would fit there” moments.  But that’s … More Parenting: The Stuff Nobody Warned You About