Learning to Forgive

A couple weekends ago I had one of those experiences where things line up in such a way you have to either discount it altogether as coincidence, or realize the Holy Spirit is trying to get your attention. I choose to believe it’s the latter. I’ve been reading the book “Coming Clean” by Seth Haines. … More Learning to Forgive

Two Years

Recently, social media has been filled with the “10-year change” picture craze. The idea was to post a pic from 10 years ago, and one from today and show everyone how you’ve aged…errrrr….changed. No pics shall be forthcoming, but I guarantee you I changed more in the last two years than the previous ten, both … More Two Years

Conditional Forgiveness

Have you ever experienced conditional forgiveness?  You know, the kind that says “I’ll forgive you, if you pay me back the $200 bucks you owe me.”  Or, “I forgive you, if you’ll agree to wash my car for a year.”  No?  Well,  have you ever offered conditional forgiveness to someone?  Maybe a “I’ll forgive you … More Conditional Forgiveness

God’s Ways

How many of you have ever heard the Scripture quoted “God’s ways are not our ways?” If you’re like me, especially if you grew up in the south, you’ve heard it too many times to count. It has been used to cover all manner of situations and circumstances in my life. From the hardest loss … More God’s Ways